Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis Comments


"Anyone who reads the very moving comments on VixPix will understand why this has been far more than just a fundraising exercise. She has not only raised what to us is a very substantial sum of much needed money, but she has also changed the view of many people about those affected by this disease."

- Lawrence Wood, Chief Executive of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre

As a man who has had MS for a few years, Vix & Sarah Louise's photos have really perked up my day!!! Thanks ladies xx

Great pics! Great tits! WELL DONE! ...I already have a monthly payment to the Society and I wish you all the very best. I'll visit your site regularly and advise my friends to do the same. Take care. Love, Christopher xx

God Bless You! I have MS and any help is appreciated!

I'd like to thank you for stepping up and raising money in an unselfish manner. Kudos to you!!

Your site is fabulous. I've got MS too and I'm so thrilled to read a site that isn't boring, annoying "think positive!" crap. You're doing a great thing.

Just wanted to say "THANKS" for helping us who suffer with MS! Keep up the great work!!

Hullo! I am a 45 (plus) yr. old patient. I was thrilled to find your site and to see that you haven't let this damned disease take away your obvious sexuality. There isn't much sexy about m.s. and I was pleased to see there are people out there that still maintain that part of their lives. P.S. you've got a great pair there - my husband thinks they're awesome!

Thank you. For raising awareness, for being brave enough to show us that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals, and for being honest enough to give yet another shining example of what the human spirit can acheive. My hat's off to you, a hearty warm *HUG* to you for your efforts, and I shall make a donation as soon as I can... Your obvious Carpe Diem attitude deserve to be rewarded with as many donations as possible to such a noble cause as finding a cure for MS. Maybe next time you can do another, similar shoot for a cure for Diabetes as well? I think I shall browbea...errrr (cough) "encourage" (chuckles) all my 'mates to make a donation as well - I'll tell them to do so instead of spending money on my Christmas gift, thus making donations to a more worthy endeavour! (HuZZAH! What a great idea!) *HUGS* and best of luck to you! Sincerely, A fan from the Other Side Of The Pond. <;-}

As a person who was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, I pride myself on keeping abreast of all new medical developments and fund-raising efforts, but when I stumbled upon your site, it caught me by most pleasant surprise. What a great idea! You are quite a beautiful woman, one whose ample talents are perfect for exposing the public to the plight of those with MS. Keep up the good work. When I finally overcome the Bush Economy here in the States, and once again find a job, I'll send along a donation. I hope that you have a man in your life that appreciates your beauty, intelligence and dynamic energy!

If everyone who visited this site so far had coughed up just $1, that would be over $100,000 for MS research. I say bravo for being brave enough to bare yer boobs for charity.

First, great idea! There are a lot of worthy causes, and MS research is certainly one of them. You've managed to make it fun to donate. Best of luck with the website, and best wishes for continued health.

I have just spent a peaceful 20mins reading your site, understanding more about a condition I have seen close up but never knew anything about. God bless you and keep having fun and I hope your donations to the MS charity grow and grow.

My Aunt and mothers best friend have MS. My hat is off to you and your efforts. And may I add you have a wicked gleam in your eyes that bespeaks a razor sharp mind, I just hope others look beyond your physical attributes and see what lies beneath.

I think your idea and your attitude are wonderful! It's so very refreshing to see someone with humor, intelligence, and guts. I'm so very sorry that it took MS to cause you to create this site. Best of luck to you. I sincerely hope your site raises a lot of money and that you have fun doing it. I also hope the MS goes somewhere else!!

Hey, great site. My dad's had MS since I was born, and the thing that pisses me off the most is the "Look at the guy in the wheelchair and feel sorry for him" mentality that a lot of people have when it comes to fundraising. Thanks for an innovative and original idea that'll help get rid of the stigma associated with the disease.

Well done, you! My boyfriend was, like you, diagnosed in 1998 (at 17). We are both now 22. After we got together in '99 I've seen the some great fund-raising ideas, but this is the best one yet! I've forwarded him the link and we will both definitely be contributing. You're an absolute inspiration and a beautiful lady. You have MS, but MS doesn't have you. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

Web site's great, well done! Nice to read about someone who's experienced a lot as I have. I was diagnosed August 1989 relapsing remitting MS. Things have been better since injecting Copaxone. Two weeks ago I had my worst relapse ever and am now unable to drive and need help (i.e. wheel chair) when out. But hey, got my head together - positive head on and things are improving. Thanks for reading this keep up the good work!

Wow - I never new being diagnosed with MS was going to be this much fun! Seriously, I've was diagnosed with MS almost 2 years ago and was not feeling too well the past few days so I went on the internet looking for information. I'm a guy in his 30's and let me just say those photos are hot. Geez your real nice and I love the jeans with the open shirt. Sooo nice. I was having issues with sexual function but I think I found the cure - your photos! Thanks so much!

Firstly, I've checked out your website and I'd like to say: PHWOAR!!! Secondly, I'm sorry to hear about your MS. My ex had MS also and used to suffer from relapses like you did before you were put on beta interferon. Unfortunately her MS progressed to secondary progressive MS before she could get on it. I know this is going to sound corny but I had to tell you that i think it's amazing that you are doing everything possible to lead as normal a life as possible when in a position where most people would simply give up.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the site and also with you. I'm a District Nurse based in Liverpool and 3 of my female patients have been diagnosed with M.S. I've printed some stuff from your site to give to them (hope you don't mind) cos I want to try and help them regain some of their confidence and femininity. Like you, they're young women and this debilitating condition has had devastating consequences on their outlook on life. My hope is that they`ll realise that life can go on and, like you, they can still enjoy a full, happy and rewarding life. All credit to you.... your pics are fab, and the cause for which you are doing it even better!!!

Just wanted to say thank-you for putting together such a great MS site. I was just diagnosed with MS 12 days ago and sure can relate exactly to the early parts of your story. Got told just the same way - no sign of stroke but you have MS, doc dissappears for 2 hours. I was sitting here at my puter wondering things like what is going to happen down the road when I go to put my foot down to hold up my scooter and it decides, to friggin pal, now pick me up! Wasn't a fun thought till I stumbled onto your page. Oh well, guess I keep a spare set of bars or 2 around. Once again, TY hon - I needed that. You can count on donations to follow. Keep the updates coming!

I read of your site in our branch magazine (MainStream) and just had to have a look. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I, too, was 28 when diagnosed, had many of the same symptoms and, to look at me, you would never know. I am so glad I have found somewhere, and someone, who understands. I'm lucky to have a loving hubby who always makes me feel sexy no matter what.....BUT you are proof that, with or without MS, you can still be all woman. Thank you so much. xx

What a fantastic site - my husband sent me the url ... if I had your assets then I'd be proud to do the same! You may have found it already, but the thing that has done my MS the most benefit (like regaining all important sensation in my Jack and Danny) is diet - check out if you haven't already ... it's a bit of a grind but the difference it has made to me is unbelievable & all good. More power to your elbow and the very best of British to you - King sized regards!

I just wanted to know that as an MS patient (found out when I was 29, three years ago), and as a big fan of large, natural breasts, I LOVE what you are doing! =) It's nice to see that someone else besides me can have a sense of humor about this disease in the face of abject terror about the future. My wife loved what you are doing as well. Keep a stiff upper lip, all right? A woman as beautiful as yourself has MANY things to be NOT stressed over. =) Dwell on those things and take care.

I've just read your letter which I found on a MS website. I found it very amusing if a little sad. But, being a sufferer myself, I know just where you are coming from. Your humor really gave me a lift.

Just a short note from one MS'er to another. Great web site and a worthy cause. You have certainly got some great assets plugging for a great cause! Keep up the good work! Regards from the USA.

I have gone through your web pages and it has helped me a lot. I now know I am not on my own, as I have not had much support from the outside world. Keep up the good work.

Congrats to the creativity in driving donations. MS is a brutal disease and in dire need of funding. Hats off to all who give it up for the cause.

If only more people had the guts to do something out of the ordinary for a worthy cause!

Making the breast of a bad situation - good on yer - I hope you make a fortune for MS research!

Awesome. :) My best friend with MS sent me your link. :) She thought it was the best idea she'd seen in a long time!

Just saw your website thought it was great. Very informative and I love how you challenge stereotypes in such a clever way.

Great site! Couldn't resist swelling your coffers a little more! I hope you raise lots of money. Keep up the good work. BTW - you're very sexy!

Just to let you know that I am inspired by your courage and other things obviously!! I have donated £20 to your cause and wish all the best of luck in your venture.

Excellent idea for fund raising! In terms of drawing attention and raising funds for a cause, your website is certainly the most original I've seen in quite some time. It is a most refreshing change to see a fundraising effort that is not based around the conventional sympathy and haranguing techniques. And speaking as a red blooded male, you look fabulous! Made donating a pleasure. <blush>

I've had MS for at least 15 years, been diagnosed since November 2003. I've never seen a fundraiser quite like yours, but I think there should be more of them! I'd join in, but I don't think there'd be much interest in "Balls-Out For MS". Anyway, you are beautiful woman, and a beautiful soul.

I think you are very brave and beautiful. As a senior citizen my finances are a bit stretched, but I will donate as soon as i get a spare fiver. I will only look at one boob! ;) They are gorgeous, and so are you. Good luck with the site!

I have ms (dx 1994, PPMS) my friend just sent me your link! Fantastic! You are wonderful for doing this, well done you! Trouble is, you KNOW no ones gonna be reading the text re ms ... they'll be looking at the pictures! Yum Yum! :o)

I love your site and what you're doing. I would love to give you a donation, but I don't have a credit I made you some wallpapers that you are free to use if you like them. I wish you all the luck in the world with your fundraising, and may you live a long and happy life.

I have epilepsy, not MS as you. The fits can be real bad and all these tablets & doctors get me down. Seeing this site was like a ray of sunshine and your efforts have touched my heart. You are brill 4 doing this site!

My wife has had M.E. for 14 years and is severely affected, chronic pain, has to use a mobility scooter to get around, etc. I know what you're going through and am hugely impressed by your bravery. Well done!

Apart from having a very lovely pair of boobs, your courage has encouraged my girlfriend to feel more compatible with her photographic campaign. She has CP (cerebral palsy). Thank you so much and God bless.

Great idea - nice pictures too! I've made a small donation, before I checked out your pictures - it wouldn't feel right to have looked before donating. :) Good luck with the site, and with life. :)

Excellent Site and I like your attitude. I've got MS too, and I read an awful lot of pious twaddle by and about people with MS. So your site was refreshing in its honesty. I also thought it was well written, and of course the pictures were great!

Hi, I'd just like to commend you on your great fundraising scheme, it takes a lot of courage. But it does help if you're as attractive as you are! Good on ya girl! P.S Badger The Sun to get on Page 3!

I found a link to your site at Linkdump. I enjoyed the photos and was impressed with your courage and generosity.ÊI hope my small contribution helps to make your effort count.

Good for you! I think that it is a great way of getting the awareness up. I mentioned your site to my girlfriend and she also gives the idea two thumbs up. Keep up the good work!

I read about your cause in "The Sun" and thought good on you lady. It's a shame we have to organise private fund raising things for good causes. We pay more than enough to the government and get very little back for your cause and many others. My son has cerebal palsey and we recently with the help of his nursery teacher raised money to buy him a special needs bike. I think there's a flaw somewhere. Anyway well done for your efforts you are to be praised and I hope with my donation it will go to the people can help those who need it.

Saw you at I wish I could give more to a good cause, but I have half a dozen other good causes on the top of my list. But for such a brazen idea, I have to give SOMETHING!

I just found your site via and having seen my friend's battle against multiple sclerosis, I can totally understand what it must be like for you and therefore admire your unique way of raising money for such a good cause.

I followed the link from The Register and thought it was a great idea! I forwarded it to my husband and, as both of us have seen your tits, I am making a donation. I have a friend with MS, and she has done wonderful things for the local community, made a real difference just like you are doing. Because, not only are you raising money, but you are raising awareness of the disease. Please accept our best wishes for your future health.

Your photos made this medical writer's day! While surfing the WWW for information about MS, I happened on a news story about your website and your unusual MS fundraising strategy. Your photos are certainly much more fun to view than yet another scientific figure, chart, or statistic from a clinical journal. I do wish more people would try your type of fundraising method. If you don't mind a joke, I suspect that all over the planet, your photos are "raising awareness" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) among men who appreciate a woman's beauty. On a more serious note, however, your photos help to make people aware that having a disability doesn't make a person un-sexy or nonsexual. It's particularly difficult for people with MS (or any disability) to get information about recognizing and getting treatment for the sexual problems that sometimes occur with diseases of the central nervous system like MS. Good luck with your campaign, and stay proud of that wonderful body of yours!

I was elated when I found your web site, and sorry to hear that you have MS. My wife was diagnosed with MS on March 2004 (relapsing-remitting), so I could relate to much of what you wrote. SheÊbegan immediately on Copaxone, which is a glatiramer acetate, not a beta interferon, her neurologist, who we considerÊwas sent to us by God recommended Copaxone. He participated with studies, and stated that Copaxone would be a better choice for it has less side-effects than beta interferons. You do not get the flu-like symtoms, nor does it effect your liver, you do however, take daily injections. She does get the site reactions, but the benefits that Copaxone has provided outway this minor problem, according to her. She has not had a relapse since she started, her hands are no longer numb, no muscle spasms - with diet and exercise she has been able to strenghten her muscles, and just feels good. I would like to congratulate you on your fund-raising efforts and MS awareness. Until my wife was diagnosed, I had no clue about MS and because of all the MS web sites and awareness funding, I have been able to assist my wife, for we are in it together. Good luck with your treatment, and I wish you much success in all that you do. Consider switching to Copaxone (, if need be switching to another Neurologist. Again thank-you for sharing your story, and for the great work you are doing my raising funds for MS. You are helping to hopefully find a cure for this disease.

What an interesting website. It covers my two main interests, MS and breasts. By the way, yours are very nice, indeed! But just as interesting is your medical condition. My wife of over 40 years has MS, takes beta interferon injections, and has nice tits. She was diagnosed while in her 30's. She is in remarkable spirits for a woman who can't really do anything except watch the TV set all day. Her mind is fairly good, her limbs are no good. Incidentally, we recently started using the auto-inject device and, unlike you, are getting more pleasing results than before. I wish you the best of luck with battling your MS. As you know, different people show different symptoms in various degrees. Here's hoping for discovery of a treatment that totally arrests the disease, or something that miraculously reverses it.

I just wanted to drop you a line and wish you well in your struggle with your illness. I don't know much about it but as someone who is very active it would be my worst nightmare if I contracted the illness and full blown symptoms developed. But with people as courageous as yourself doing fundraising in such a unique style then a cure may be found in the future. My wife's family have suffered with cancer down the years and have lost someone again recently and this has given me an idea to see if she would bare her boobs for charity - 34dd's against cancer. Anyway keep well and I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers. A positive mental attitude and a happy dispositon can do as much at times as drugs and you seem to have an abundance of both.

Just been reading a magazine article about you that my mum sent me over here in the Middle East and I think it is a brilliant idea. My mate has had MS since she was 17 and I endured the embarrased looks from people who thought she was pissed in Marks & Spencers. She has a very serious form of MS and it's wonderful to say that she celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday! I was just wondering if you thought about turning the website into almost a 'calender' situation where you would welcome tasteful photos of friends and other people who are interested in helping out the cause? Let's face it, if Judi Dench can do it why can't we?! Cheers and all the best to you and the good you are doing for the MS cause.

Hi Vix. One moment i was checking out a site for mobility scooters and then i saw a link about living with MS. Being a sufferer, i was easily distracted and soon found my way to your website. I was diagnosed in 1999 and my story is fairly similar to yours, you know the stuff, diagnosis, employers, drug treatments etc. I was quite touched to read your personal account. Rob. P.S. Glad to see you were at the front of the tit queue with my wife!

Brilliant darlin'. Mair pow'r tae yer elba...or yer tits!! You look fabulous by the way. I am 57 and I was diagnosed in 1985...seems to be a lot of it around Central Region in Scotland. Over the years I piled on weight but this time last year I joined Scottish Slimmers and I am appearing in their Boost magazine...You can imagine how "chuffed" I am!

Bravo, what a great job! I also have MS for 10 years. I have not heard of anyone with as much GUTS! I wish I could help, but don't have the guts and I'm not as gifted as you are, but I wish you much luck.

I think what you are doing is a great idea, and will hopefully catch on. I think you are a beautiful young lady and I wish the er, breast for you in your endeavours. I read a story on The Register and thought you to be most inspiring. Thank you!

I have just read about you in the charity magazine Third Sector. As a fundraiser, may I congratulate you. Over the years I have known a number of people with MS and I think you are doing a wonderful thing.

I found your site through Sylvie's site (she's an online friend of my wife's and mine we had lost touch with and just found again). I have to smile as I am paraplegic (since '85) with M.S. and one of my home page mottos I use in counseling is "If what you got don't work, work with what you got!". You're showing a whole other "face" of that. But it's an original fund-raiser and I applaud you for having the guts and caring spirit to help the M.S. fight in a unique way.

Well I have to say I am very impressed! That takes courage, but I wonder what the MS Society would say!!! LOL! You look great! The MSRC do want to explore the sexy side of MS, and I have done a 30 second film for them on this subject. The point being made is that although 'MS isn't sexy' at all you can still be sexy and have MS!!!

Let me know if you are doing a calendar. I, too, have had MS for three years. I need to join in if there is a calendar being done! Could you let me know? Thanx!! By the way, you have shown them how it is done. Go, girl!!! Your pics are great!!

My wife has MS and we think this is a great way to raise money to help find a cure for this disease. Have you thought of doing a calendar yet? I bet it would sell.

You are brave and clever as well as untraditionally innovative, contributing to a good cause with personal comittment! -Michelle, Sweden

Keep up the good work! I take my hat off to you! Very nice photos! How about a calendar next year?

Just thought you would like to know that a group of people up in Dundee, INSPIRED BY YOU, have decided to have a ladies night (about 350 women!!!) with Male Strippers!!!!!! They are expecting to raise £3500! Fancy that!

I didn't expect a personal response, and I think that is a good reflection of your character! This world could do with many more people like you and it would be a better place. Your pictures certainly brought some sunshine into my life. You are very pretty and deserve all the success I hope you get. If you do ever do a Calender, I will certainly have one, either all of you or any other recruits you may enlist.

This is a BRILLIANT idea. Someone where my partner works stumbled on your website and sent it to him because I also have MS. My boyfriend was reluctant to share it me because he knew I'd probably do something similar and he doesn't want me flashing my tits. But you go girl, and I'm going to find something to do similarly!! More power to you and keep it up!

I was looking in the 'heartwarmers' section of, and happened upon a link to your website. I wish I knew of something which could help your condition. I hope you are living with it well, and I hope you are comfortable. I just wanted to say that I think you are extremely beautiful and if your mind is as beautiful as yor body than your partner is a very lucky human being to have found you. Just to have seen you warms my heart.

Gutsy thing you're doing here. Fair play to ya gell! I dated a girl for three and a half years who has MS and she found that diet and exercise (especially the abolition of Gluten from the diet) helped a great deal. As a body builder I would always advocate the implementation of intense excersise and a healthy diet as a pre-requesitve for getting the best out of life. So go get 'em Vix & dont let this bastard beat ya!

Well, I would just like to say its a wonderful thing that you are doing. It's a shame there aren't more people out there doing what you have decided to do for charity. All the best in raising the money and for the future.

Hey .. just wanted to say I recently found your web site. I have MS (diagnosed in 1993) and appreciate what you are doing. And, you look GREAT doing it too!

I was given a link to your site by a friend, and I commend you heartily for having the guts to get 'em out, as well as to fight MS in the first place!

Just ran across your 'Tits for MS' site. I think it's wondeful to have a lil fun while raising money for a good cause!:o)

I think what you are doing is fantastic. Good luck with your campaign and your condition.

An innovative approach to collect for charity and a worthy cause too. Good luck to you! :)

Thanks for your making MS awareness interesting! Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Hey Vix. Love your attitude to it all........... "Upfront- in yer face and feelin' good!"

Go Girlfriend! All the very best of luck with raising some real money.

Honey, your breasts are beautiful! Thanks for your work with MS!

Good luck, and hope you raise lots of dosh for MS.

Congratulations on coming up with such an innovative way to raise funds. A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS last year, so it's an issue close to my heart.

My mom has MS and is in a very bad way (lost about 60lbs since being diagnosed a year ago) and I will be ECSTATIC about posting a link to you guys from my website! :)

This is a great idea. I just donated to your cause. I am a 34 year old guy from the US, and was diagnosed with MS in 1997. It's been quite a battle but I am doing pretty good with it. It's quite wonderful to be doing what you are to fight this disease. Keep up the great work!

While I've got two kids with special needs (Type I diabetes and Angelman Syndrome) who need their own research for a cure, what you've done takes *guts* Congratulations on your selflessness and may you benefit enormously from the research your donations make possible.

This is a fantastic idea. There are so many good causes competing for attention and the fact that you are getting this message shows that your idea is really working. I saw that other people had suggested a calendar and if that idea interests you, I'd encourage you to get other like minded people involved and go for it.

I've just had a look at your website, looked at the photos, and donated some money to charity. I wish you all the best with your endeavour, and hope you raise a lot of money for the MSRC.

What a neat idea! I wish you all the best of luck - we walk (well, boyfriend staggers...he has MS) in the local walk for funraising.

I have RRMS and I appreciate you approach for awareness. I made your picture into a screensaver for my cellphone. It is great!

From one MS sufferer to another, your pix are breathtaking! How many people would be as "risky" as you in search of a cure? Not many, I'm guessing... MS or not, you are too damned hot!

I also have M.S. and have to say thanks for raising money for the cure. Love your breasts and if I had two like that I would be trying to raise money with them also. <LOL>

You put a lot more than just a face of an MS patient. I support your efforts, but you appear to be rather well supported ;-)

I was just at your site. I think you have such a cool way to raise money to help fight MS. I never would have thought of it. Good luck with everything.

I also have MS, DX'd in '98 ... Great idea, hon ... I just posted your banner link on my MS site, too!

From your friends in Hell's Mensan's in the US - Well Done!

Good luck with the site - great idea! :-)

Hi vix, just wanted to say that i visted your site after reading about it in a newspaper, and this is the first time i've ever taken the trouble to write an e-mail of support for anything, and to be honest i only checked it out coz i have a thing for large tits (yours are lovely *drool*) but i was so impressed by the whole idea it moved me to make a donation (another first) and it also made me aware about MS, well done and i hope you raise thousands, good luck xx

My site is not a traffic hotspot by any means - in fact it's an empty cul-de-sac on the information highway - but it now contains your banner and nothing else, so you can consider yourself and your site headliners both. :-)

Your site has attracted some attention, maybe you should encourage others to show their kit for charity cash. Basically guys could surf and pay for porn as they do but have the money go to charity. Takes all the catholic school guilt out of what we're already doing. ;-)

I'd much rather see money change hands because of breasts for charity than have the Hefners of the world continue to get filthy rich off them. I say Yay!!!

What a fabulous way to raise funds for such a needy cause! It's a pleasure to contribute especially to see such a beautiful girl with such a beautiful pair.

So now I have to admit I've paid to see boobs online. D'oh! Mind you, you're genuine & worth every penny.

Well done, luv - an excellent and worthwhile cause. As I keep telling my wife, "If you've got them, show them."

Great globes of grandeur! You can be proud! Nature has blessed you! Thank you for baring/sharing! It has made my day!

You have Fantastic Tits! Outstanding effort! Good luck with raising money for MS I think that you will do very well indeed.

I hope that you raise a lot of money. You've got a lovely pair of coconuts. Good health and best wishes to you.

I always wanted to visit the UK. I must say that I really like your attitude!


10 out of 10 for the idea - and 10 out of 10 for a fab pair!

Good on ya Vix...u look lovely. <thumbs-up>

Great page. Great bOObs. Great cause.

YEEHAAAW!!! Udderly Brilliant!!!

Hmph. No one ever paid money to see *my* tits. <sulk> Yours are way nicer than mine, though... and you could be starting a very agreeable trend. :-) Neato!

If you dont mind me saying....great pair of why the hell not get them out for charity? I take my hat off to you for having the guts to do it girl! I dont have MS however I am running the 2004 Flora London Marathon on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre. Good Luck to you - Well Done!

I love the way you are keeping abreast of this crappy disease. And, when asking for donations to the MS Society you do have a couple of points in your favor. As Bob Hope would have said, "Thanks for the mammaries". TTTYTTFN, (er, that would be, ta ta to your ta ta's for now) I shall return.

Very well done Vix.

I'm a 45m diagnosed 8 yrs. Have been on beta interferon for 7 yrs.

DMD's side effects - flu-like symtoms,  ROFLMFAO. I do the once a week shot and it's been like getting run over by a bus for two days a week for the past seven years.  

Steroids for optic neuralgia numerous times. Legs numb - drop foot, arms numb, bladder fubar... yada, yada, yada,.

On the positive side of my truly wonderful life < ( I am not being sarcastic )

I thankfully have decent mobility, 15 minutes of standing or <100 yds walking.

Sexual function can  be a miss at times but thankfully I can accomplish the act to mutual satisfatcion 85 + - %.

I am really enjoying my life with my gorgeous girlfriend, ~(who could be your body double) ~ . We do tropical vacations every winter + travel for at least a month every summer with our 5th wheel (caravan in British speak LOL).

I love your open book philosophy on life and see it as refreshing.

I see factual references and occurances when I read your blog and admire you for not being a victim of MS.

I do not see a person who is throwing a self pity party as you see in so many blogs of immuno proficient persons.

On the day of my diagnosis a person close to me asked,"Don't you just ask yourself ; Why me ?"  

My instant reply was, "Why not me." ( It was years of symptoms before my diagnosis; maybe that's why the " Shit Happens - I'm OK with It Attitude " )

Kabitzing will not help any of us; telling it like it is does.

You Go Grrrrrl.   MS is what we live with, It is NOT who we are.

Hugs and such


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