Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis


Well, over a few drinks at the pub, I was approached by two chaps who had made a bet. One had bet the other £10 that I would flash my boobs. I queried the bet, saying that if I did.. the 'loser' of the bet got to see my boobs, but the winner got £10 AND got to see them. They decided that if I did it, they would give me the tenner to give to a charity of my choice. Deal done!

I lift my tee shirt. I pocket the tenner and promise that I'll give it to a Multiple Sclerosis charity. When I am next in my local pub, the landlord watches me deposit the £10 note into the collection box on the bar.

My partner has a thoughtful look and when I ask why, he tells me that "We could be on to something with this". So we decide to raise awareness of this illness (maybe even some people may donate cash?) and have a little fun in doing so.


What’s all this about, then?


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23 August 2008: VixPix MS charity event at The Anvil, Mansfield Woodhouse raises £1,020.54 for the MSRC!

VixPix nears £7,000 ($14,000US) in donations on behalf of MS-UK!

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