Confessions Of A Thick Blonde

Today, I want to share with you something I wrote to go onto one of my businesses blogs, that my husband writes.  The blog in question in MyBoobSite and is generally concerned with, well, titty models.

I felt the need to write something after some of the readers were being rather nasty towards one of the models that they believed my husband was featuring too much, because, in their opinions, this woman just was not nice enough.  Not pretty enough.  Too fat… all sorts of negative crap.

I got a bit annoyed and felt the need to pen the following.  Now, I have not changed anything.  Not even any of the pictures or links, so exercise caution if pictures of boobs offend you.

At the end of this entry, I’ll add a link to the comments I received on this post, when I put it on MyBoobSite.  If you feel the need to say anything about what I’ve said, maybe you could reply on here, though.

* * * * *

Hey there, guys. This is Vix. Reese’s wife. You may remember me from such pictures as these:

Vix with her tits out in the sun

Vix with her tits out in the sun

Or you may not because it has been a while since we did any photographs. Why is that? Well, there are many reasons, a lot of which have come up, in recent days, via the comments left by readers of this very site.

Would you indulge me by allowing me to express a female point of view on things? Well, I am going to, so if you don’t want to know, fine, just wait a wee while and Reese will be right here with some more boobie booty.

I was an unfortunate child: Stick thin, specs, asthma, the works. I studied physics and computer science. I was into heavy metal & prog. rock. I read horror & sci-fi. I was plain looking and had no breasts. Funny, articulate, intelligent, verbally astute to the point of precociousness – all these things too, but none of those were making me popular with anyone. Those things do not count when it comes to making friends and being “in” when you’re a girl at school.

You know what? They don’t do much for you when you’re a grown woman, either.

You learn at a fairly young age that what counts is how you look. Yes, still in this day and age, that is how it is.

You learn, as a girl, from about age twelve, that you’re not up to scratch, looks wise. Your peers will soon let you know that your hair is in need of a good seeing to and your face belongs behind a mask. Your family will humiliate you further by holding up your new bra, freshly measured for and bought, when you get home and the shopping is unpacked, by exclaiming, with more than a bucketful of sarcasm “And here’s Victoria’s massive support!” Cue the family falling about laughing, compounding the “walking ironing board” comments you get at school.

Your facial features are fair game for all to comment on. You take off your specs and get told you have piggy little eyes. You break the habit of a lifetime and smile a big, cheesy, genuinely happy grin and get told your chin looks like a cross between that of Bruce Forsyth and Kirk Douglas.

Bruce Forsyth Kirk Douglas

So, what do you do about this? Well, you can retreat into your shell and become one of those women that no-one ever notices or you can try to salvage what you can.

I learned to be attractive. I could paint and draw so I drew something pretty on the front of my head and stood tall (as tall as you can, when you’re 5’2″) and just exuded all the sexiness I could. Absurdly, my confidence was high and I balled it all up and walked, crotch first, through every door I came across.

The tits? They came much later. When I had my children, I breast fed them both until they were each a year old and my meagre 34B bra size increased to something I didn’t even know existed: an E cup.

The attention I was getting with my new boobs was amazing and I lapped it up. I was, however, quite devastated when I stopped lactating and my breasts fell, drained and tired, down my torso. Like two paper bags, empty all bar a plumb at the bottom. Sad, drooping and redundant. Of course, you probably know, that this is why I had an augmentation, to fill up the empty sacks that my breasts had now become. Why? Because I learned that when I had tits, I was noticed. People paid attention like had never happened before. And I liked it.

For the first time in my life, I got chance to share myself. To be listened to. To utilise the mental dexterity that had gone unnoticed throughout my years on the planet.

Because I had tits.

Bullshit, isn’t it?

But it’s for reasons like these that you do not get to see women that are not attractive, or God forbid, actually “ugly” on sites like this. These women have been conditioned, pretty much from birth, to think that they are not to be paid attention to. Not to be listened to. Not to be seen.

These women do not become singers, however brilliantly they may warble. The do not become actors, regardless of their prowess. They do not take their clothes off for magazines or websites.

Of course, there are exceptions. Susan Boyle, Kathy Bates, Lexxi Luxe. Yes, I said it… Lexxi Luxe.

Susan Boyle Voice of an angel, face of the DevilKathy Bates A rare commodity - a plain female actorLexxi Luxe pic from XX-Cel. A big, brave woman.

All brave women. All of them women who have bitten the bullet and decided “To hell with you all, I am going to do this because I am good at it and you will notice what I do and show me some respect as a viable human being!”

It’s hard to overcome all the feelings that got implanted in your head as a child because you had no boobs and therefore were not a real woman, or had big tits and were therefore a slut (Oh, we all knew one of those at school, right? What did she do to deserve that, except be masturbatory fantasy fodder for the boys and an object of jealousy for the girls?)

It’s hard to overcome the fact that they made you sing behind the curtain in school plays, while someone prettier and more socially acceptable looking, but who couldn’t sing for toffee, mimed along to your voice.

It’s hard to overcome your fears of going up for a job that you are born to do and have all the needed experience and qualifications, just to see someone thinner/more attractive/younger get the role.

We can’t all look like Sarah Nicola Randall. (She is so my cup of tea, btw)

Topless photo of Sarah Nicola Randall from

And that is kind of why I have not done any photographs, of late. I read what y’all say about models and I cringe. How can I ever think I deserve to do that job? My boobs are too small (36F), I am too plain, I am too old (I turn 42 on Sunday :) ), I am too disabled, I am only on MyBoobSite because I am Reese’s wife (here’s news for you, without me there would be no HardPourCorn at all!)

And I’m thick.

Now, to me, until quite recently, that word is an insult. It means stupid. It means unintelligent. Combine it with “blonde” and you get “bimbo”.

But, being on Twitter has taught me that it also means “not fat, not thin, but flesh where it should be” which kinda describes me, I suppose. Well it does more than BBW and I am obviously no skinny minnie.

I am not phishing here, I am in no way after any sympathy or ego-boosting. What I am trying to say is that these women, these people, that some of you are berating for having the gall to try and make a living by spreading a little sexy fun, deserve a bit more respect. They might not be your cup of tea, and to be honest, there are times when I see someone on Reese’s screen, when he is writing a BBW blog, that I have commented “Jeez, if I had a penis, it has just shrunk so far into my body that I have an innie!”, but, you know what – I know that I don’t like that stuff, so I don’t look at it.

Kali Kala Lina photo from PlumperPass - Just NOT my bag, baby.

Go look at BigBoobsOnCam, which I have been posting on for a while now and you will see that I try to pick different body types to share with you, but you will mainly see slim & stacked women. Because that is my preference. It is very hard to chose to share with others that which you do not feel passionately about yourself.

LuciousAss from IMLive - this is more like it, for me!

I guess I am trying to say that we are all different. Not only in what we look like ourselves but in what we like to look at. What floats our boat. What we need to see in order to cum. After all, that is why we’re all here, isn’t it? It’s not to achieve world peace or to cure HIV/AIDS. We’re here for personal gratification. That is all.

Reese and I do our best to help you achieve this and have a selection of different sites that cater to different preferences. The models that work in this business are hard working men, women and trans- people. PEOPLE. I think some of you forget that sometimes.

Ok, I’m done, but please remember that this is Vix writing and not Reese. These are my views and opinions and not his. Like I said at the top, he’ll be along with the big boobiness any minute. (And give him a break – he has to put up with me and my views all the time, which can’t be easy. :lol: )

* * * * *

As promised, here’s the link to the comments made by MyBoobSite readers.


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