Not now, MS, not now!

It’s nearly 1400hrs and I am still in bed.

I had a bad sleep night (up and about, reading, working, etc) Got back in bed at 0500hrs.  Last time I looked it was 0520hrs.

Still, slept till about 1300hrs, today, so that’s quite a good stretch.  Hopefully that’ll see me through choir practice tonight.  However, I should make some dinner, ready for when I’m done, at 2000hrs, as I won’t be wanting to cook, then.

Curry I expect.

However, that needs me to be in the kitchen, not in the bed, right?  *sigh*

Cooking in Bed!

I’ll get around to getting out of bed as soon as I feel I can trust my legs.  (We’ll be eating when hell freezes over, then.)  :lol:

I am kinda glad this is happening now, as I will be mightily pissed off if the party season gets fcuked over by it.

This is the first time in years I am not feeling intimidated by the prospect of everyone taking photos*!  I’ll have to try to break the habit of trying to hide behind a crowd – not being overweight any longer.  Hopefully for good, this time.

Anyhoo… I have had a bad sleep week, truth be told.

Last time I went to the neurologist, we discussed, as we always do, my anorgasmia issues.  He suggested I change one of my meds and I duly agreed.  He reminds me to take my time coming off he one he wants me to come off, before starting the new one.

He has to write to my GP and advise him, and the GP can then prescribe the new pills.  It all takes an inordinate amount of time, but it’s the NHS and I understand how it works and without it half of us would not be here, right?

So, a week or so after the neurologist appointment, I begin to lessen the amount of the “old” medicine, taking two weeks to totally come off it.

I am into my second week of being without it and my orgasm is beginning to slowly and sporadically twitch back to life, like Frankenstein’s Monster after it’s first exposure to electricity.  It’ll never be the creature it once was, but at least it has some semblance of life.

It's Alive!

However (and there had to be a however, right?) that particular muscle spasm is not alone.  The others (that have never really left me) are back with a vengeance and my pain has increased (I think this is what is keeping me from sleeping) along with accompanying spasticity, instability and now with added falling!


Needless to say, I have not heard from my GP about the replacement medicine, at all.  If I just book to see a doc (as I’ll not get to see my guy without a couple of months notice) there’ll be no record of my even seeing a neurologist.  If I manage to contact my guy, I’ll get a telephone consultation (and that’s fine) but he’ll not have seen any such letter from my neuro, if the neuro has even written one, yet.

I know from experience that I just have to wait until the cogs latch into place and the machine starts working for me.  What I appear to have forgotten was quite how long this can take, and I perhaps should not have weaned myself off the old med so soon.  I guess I figured a month would be time enough.

Silly cow.

All this, of course, may not be the result of coming off those particular pills, but may just be an MS thing.  In which case, well, I don’t rightly know.  :D

Silly Cow.

*I appreciate that my saying I am intimidated by people taking snaps may sound a bit silly, but there’s a difference between staged glamour photographs and social snaps.  I have control over the former and none over the latter.

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2 thoughts on “Not now, MS, not now!”

  1. In reply to myself, here.

    It’s now 0100hrs the next day.

    Being in bed, sleeping all day. That was clever, wasn’t it?

    Silly cow, indeed.


  2. Feeling a lot better at the mo, sleep wise. Am in some not inconsiderable pain, mind, but I did have a review at the gym, on Sunday and that boy works my ass, ya know?

    Anyhoo, I am determined to take this as the beginning of an up-turn, especially as I have a girls night out, this weekend.

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