Slightly Off Topic but… Marmite!!

So, Denmark has banned Marmite {Update – Or has it!?!} and the Twitterverse is mightily upset.


Ok, I know that some of you don’t do either Twitter or Marmite.  I call you people mistaken.

Here is the BBC’s news story on this travesty but if you can’t be bothered to click that and read an unbiased take on things, here is mine instead.

The foolhardy Danes do not allow added vitamins and minerals in their foodstuffs.  Therefore you can no longer have the delectable wonder that is Marmite, if you live in Denmark.

MarmiteI think this is a travesty.  I do not live, nor have I ever visited, Denmark.  And you know what?  It’s never going to happen, now.

Is one allowed to take Marmite with you, if one were to go and stay there (like I do when I go and visit my in-laws, in the US)?

I’m not prepared to take the risk.

Anyhoo… my main reason for writing, today, is another travesty.  A slightly similar travesty, but a travesty, none the less.

MarmiteIt has been brought to my attention by @NorksAndBacon (on Twitter, natch) that there is a distinct lack of pictures of norks and Marmite on t’interweb.


Of course, I offered to rectify this.  Brazen, attention-seeking, Marmite lover that I am.

However, I don’t know as they’re really the kind of thing to add to the photo gallery on the VixPix site.  Meh, I’m gonna do it anyway.

MarmiteIt has crossed my mind that the previously mentioned Mr AndBacon may be wrong and there may, indeed, be pictures of Marmite on boobs.  You know what… I haven’t looked.

Having told the hubby about this, I’m sure he’ll go check for me.  All in the name of research, of course.

So, whether they’re already out there or not, here’s a few pictures of just that.  Marmite on boobs (or norks, if you will).

So, click HERE if you want to see a very silly, Marmitey, booby photoshoot.


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