Ta Daaa!

Right then. Here it is, the personal blog I’ve been mithering over for the last few days.

It will be strange to blog without selling something, so bear with me if I lapse into flogging pornography. :lol: It’s what I do and it is, quite literally, a dirty job, but someone’s blah blah blah.

There are no promises as to how frequently I’m gonna update. It may be that I’ll find myself ranting a couple of times in one day, it may be that I’ll say nothing for months. Let’s just suck it and see, eh?

It’s Saturday morning and I am in my bed, naked. Across the other side of the country, a friend is re-designing the VixPix site. Something that is long overdue, I’m sure you’ll agree.

It was set up with no design know-how (quite obviously) by my husband, who’s main concerns, at the time, were indexing and SEO. What he did worked for what we needed (as we made thousands of pounds, for the MSRC, in weeks).

But, I got an offer to pretty the site up, for nowt, from a friend – thank you – and I couldn’t say “no”. The time has come. We’ll do a re-launch. We could maybe do some promotion again… get the charity some more money.

Damn it, I may even get some new photos on there!

We’ll see.

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3 thoughts on “Ta Daaa!”

  1. Dear Vix,
    I guess I just found a new “hero”; not just because you’re very comfortable with your body but because you are genuine!
    Your story is real and touches people.

    You and I have a few things in common. I was also inspired to create a website which is intended to bring awareness to breast cancer through breast appreciation.
    I find boobs to be a wonderful gift to the world.

    I also relate to the issues with the eye. I was diagnosed with Kerotokonus and as a result, I went blind for about two years before I could have a Corneal transplant. I woke up with a white spot in my left eye, just as you did, except the mine grew. (Long story…yikes.)

    I find it very refreshing your approach to life and to whom you are. It is rare nowadays to find someone like you.
    I sincerely believe that boobs promote peace and are good for the soul.
    You have found a wonderful way to bridge your beauty, brains, humanity and delightful tits with the rest of us to tell a story.

    For many years my site has been dormant due to several obstacles. I also found out a couple of months ago, that I have diabetes…arrrghhh and so, my efforts and focus wondered off from my goals. But you, have re-inspired me to continue with it and make it a source for good.

    Vix, please continue to get well and to inspired not only those with disabilities but also empower women in general; so that they feel re assured that the beauty of women is a gift to us all, not to be hidden away in dark places, but to be cherished and admired!

    I placed a link on qbella.com under “Special Interests” (http://qbella.com/links.htm) to your site, I hope that will be ok. I would like to do a feature on you in an updated version of the site and blog.

    I would love to hear from you sometime, and perhaps find ways to help each other in our goals.

    Vix, I’m so proud of you!

    Your friend from the Colonies. :)

    You will be able to read the background of qbella.com at length on the site.

  2. I was looking at porn. I discovered your story. You are so brave, intelligent, and honest. I truly hope things work out for you. I, myself, may be afflicted with a terminal disease. God bless you. You are are a remarkable person and so is your special friend.

    Most respectfully,


  3. Sterling – I ended up doing the redesign myself, as my friend and I could not agree on what to do with it.
    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Ed – thank you, I’ll take a look!

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