Well, That’s A Bit Rash!

April is upon us and, if you read my previous blog entry, you will know I started Lamotrigine a couple of months ago.

Starting on 25mg a day, increasing slowly to 400mg a day.  I am up to 250mg a day.

Each time I up my dose (every week, on a Tuesday) it knocks me sideways for a few days.  Let’s say to Saturday or so.  Then I have to up my dose the following Tuesday and start all over again.

I appear to be very itchy (like I get on Tramadol, but I haven’t had any of that in a week or more) on this med.  Maybe it’s something else, but I can’t think of owt.

I should read up on the side effects again.  I kind of stopped reading them, before, when I came to the symptom of one side effect being a fatal rash.  Yup, I didn’t ever connect the words fatal and rash together, either!

Example of Lamotrigine Rash

So, I’m inspecting any itchy parts, or the faintest of spots on my torso and the like on a daily basis.  More than once a day, sometimes.  Not that I’m paranoid or owt.  :lol:

Oh, yeah, the Tramadol.  Remember I said I did not know if it was the Tramadol or the pain (enough to warrant taking Tramadol on top of all my other meds) that is stopping me from sleeping?

Well, I have gone a week or so, as I have said, without taking any Tramadol.  Guess what?  It’s 0411hrs and I have not slept at all.  Went to bed at the usual 0200hrs, watched a movie, listened to the radio, listened to the snoring… got up again.

Neither the snoring nor the cat’s purring (as previously referred to) are to blame for my insomnia.  Although I would happily kill either of the culprits, at times.  Those times mainly being if I am struggling to sleep and some people/cats are positively showing off their slumber skills.

Deciding that it’s far too risky to try and do any w*rk, you know, any proper writing, I really try to keep away from such things when I am having a night like this.  A very sleepy night.  A very smoky night.

All in all, best not do anything that commands brain power.  To be fair, I am struggling motor-skills wise as well, tonight.  For every ten characters I type, I have to go back and edit five.

This is supposed to represent my current typing issues.  Didn't work, really, did it?  But loook!  Keyboard cat!!

Not that I don’t care about this blog, I do.  But it’s not vital.  It neither tries nor succeeds to make money.  I mean, it is connected to my VixPix – Tits out for MS pages, and MS-UK would always be happy of a donation or three, but I have other things that I do in order to make money.  This blog is about trying to keep afloat in the cerebral fluid, for me.  It stops me from whinging on*, on Facebook or Twitter.

*No it doesn’t.

Anyhoo, I am here, awake, itching.  I am, as usual, going to stick through the side effects as much as I can.  I do not give up on any of my meds without medical instruction.  I am willing to give them all a good go.

And as I am smoking more, due to not taking Tramadol, I am suffering from a severe attack of the munchies which is not good for my waistline.

Talking of which, I reset that Target weight that I hit.  I was struggling to keep it that high! :-o  So I changed it to ½ a stone (7lbs) lighter.  I got there within a couple of weeks and am now 9st.  I’d be happy with gaining 3lbs or so, on and off, but I’d rather not drop 3lbs below that.  You try to stay within 3lbs either side of your Target, with Slimming World.  I think I can do that, now.  I am choosing better food for munchie attacks, for starters.  That’s an important one, for me!

*     *     *     *     *

We’re in the middle of two weeks of it just being my husband and I at home.  The eldest having moved out and the youngest away for the college Easter holidays.  But this Friday there’s a house party.
The following morning (yes – actual morning) I’m off on a hen-do.  I’ll be gone till Sunday.


I am slightly worried about my spoon levels over the weekend.  I know I’ll be up most of the night, on Friday, as a houseful of party-goers is never that conducive to sleep, and I don’t need an excuse to be kept awake at the moment!

Thankfully, I have a minibus ride on Saturday morning to maybe fall asleep on.  I know that won’t happen though. (I get too excited about being let out of my cage.)  And we’d best not go into the details of the last hen-do I went to: my drunken wandering off in a city I didn’t know all on my own, away from the party of women, with my walking frame (thankfully); getting totally lost; getting a taxi driver to… oh, I’m not going into that, am I?  :lol:

Looking forward to both events, though… I do like a bit of a do.

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